What I Learned After Overcoming Fear As A Veteran Teacher

Esther Ciganda
2 min readJul 25, 2022

When I was 45 years, I made the move to start my own online business.

It was my 21st year of teaching, and still loved what I was doing. But a new change was coming. A new challenge. It was the perfect change that would allow me to teach from anywhere in the world & be available to go home to family whenever. The lifestyle: a digital nomad, Esther style.

I felt the same excitement when I decided to change from pre-med to teaching, a month before graduating.

Usually, I’m a brave go-getter. A rule-breaking rule-following type of rebel. But at the age of 45, I was a little scared to change, to pivot. What did I know about business? Marketing? Social media? Tech Tools? What would people think? Yet, inside of me, I knew. And the excitement was oozing out of me like chocolate does when I take a bite of a Chocolatín or Napolitana.

November of 2019. I was at a festival in Auza, Navarra, Spain. Having a blast, but in my mind, a ticking clock was in motion. A course I wanted to buy about Teaching Online was open. My first investment into my change, my pivot. Was I ready? Was the course gonna help me with the business side of things?

And with all the questions & a splash of doubt, I took the leap.

I bought the course and the journey began officially. No more lurking and endless consumption. It was time to act. From that initial purchase, immediately I made another decision, to DIY my website. As a tech-savvy Gen-X teacher, I learned to use wikis in class. And now, I wanted to build my own website.

Today is July 24, 2022. I celebrate the 2-year anniversary of the completion of my website. I did it! I learned to build on WordPress! And even though I am proud of myself, I’m celebrating more not letting the fear stop me back in 2019.

You might not be looking to start a business, but is there something you’ve been putting off for X excuse? No judgment here, but a gentle nudge for you to stop and ask, “Is there something I need to take action on today?”

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