The Psychology of Setting Goals

5 Famous People who can teach you about maintaining your focus on what you want to help you achieve your dreams.

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Goal-setting is an important task for every single person. Whether you do it at the beginning of the year or periodically throughout the year, knowing what you want in life will keep you from letting each day pass you by without direction. You are more likely to wake up every day motivated to take action if you know your purpose and goals.

Knowing what you want is the first step in attaining that goal, whether it’s losing weight to get healthy or increasing your business profits to move to a warmer climate. After all, nothing happens in this life without taking action.

So let's take an insider's look at The Psychology of Goal-Setting for Achieving Success and the 5 inspiring stories about never giving up if you haven’t reached your goals in the past.

STORY#1: Entertainer extraordinaire Beyoncé keeps a photograph of an Academy Award near her treadmill where she sees it every day to remind her of a routine that her dad instilled in her. It was for her to run a mile while singing to build endurance. From someone who was told that her first album would flop, she has gone on to win many awards from an Oscar for the theme song to the James Bond movie, Skyfall in 2013 to continuing to bring in Academy Awards for best music videos, best rap performance, best rap song, etc.

STORY#2: Michael Jordan, arguably one of the greatest professional basketball players of all time, was not selected to be on the high school varsity basketball team because he was too short. (He was 5'10'’and his bff who made it was 6'7'’] Not being on that list of players is what would drive him to work extremely hard so the following season he'd be chosen without a doubt. His visualizing skills and work ethic is what would propel him to become a leader and a superstar.

STORY#3: Walt Disney was laughed at by many bankers when he proposed his idea for the Disney World theme park. Apparently, he was rejected over 300 times, but he continued to push forward. The last laugh is on those investors who denied him because today the entire Disney franchise — including the many theme parks, movies, and merchandise — are worth many billions of dollars.

STORY#4: JK Rowling, famously known for writing the Harry Potter series, couldn’t get book publishers to talk to her. She had the novel, but 12 different publishers would turn her down. Trying to survive after going through a divorce, no job, and raising a young daughter, she would depend on food stamps & government assistance until finally finding a publisher who agreed to publish her first book. Today, her Harry Potter franchise is worth billions after her idea would blossom into a series, films, video games, and a theme park.

STORY#5: Thomas Edison is another remarkable person who was labeled as “stupid” by his teachers, yet at one point he held over 1,000 patents for new inventions. Most famous for inventing the lightbulb, Edison is also known for this quote, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” A few other quotes I love by Edison are: “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” and “Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophe.”

The psychology behind these 5 stories and many others is to turn your failures into lessons learned! It’s okay to not have reached every goal, but that doesn’t mean you stop trying. Take action steps towards your goals, revise your goals, and determine what is most important to you.

BONUS STORY: YOURS! What will you be remembered for and what have you overcome to achieve something great in your life? Everyone has a story but it begins by having a vision and setting SMART goals that you’re aligned with to help you move forward no matter how many times you may fall down. To help you create your story, I've prepared a 7-Day SMART Goal Setting E-Course & Audio Experience Challenge. Go accept the challenge today!

Want to hear more about this topic? Listen to my podcast Teach Launch Create where I cover topics about personal + professional development, podcasting + productivity, and online business basics only for those who are pivoting in their career to create digital products.

Esther is a teacher, podcaster, an online entrepreneur, and a die-hard fan of the Washington State Cougars, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Lakers, & Osasuna. She splits her time between the beach city of Hendaye, France, and the farm in Moses Lake, WA. You’ll catch her using 4 languages daily & she’s also a proud tía (aunt).

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If I can do it, so can you | Midlife, Multilingual + Multipassionate Teacher turned Edupreneur at 45 | Daughter of Basque Immigrants & Farmers, 🧠tumor survivor

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Esther Ciganda

Esther Ciganda

If I can do it, so can you | Midlife, Multilingual + Multipassionate Teacher turned Edupreneur at 45 | Daughter of Basque Immigrants & Farmers, 🧠tumor survivor

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