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Mastering My Nemesis With One Simple Step: Follow-Through

Esther Ciganda
3 min readApr 11, 2022

Mastering follow-through unlocks growth on and off the court.

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As an athlete, I know this well. But I avoided seeing the importance of follow-through in developing a habit of writing

For the past 30 days, I’ve been writing a 350+ word Atomic Essay daily.

Here are 5 things I’ve accomplished by following through with the 30-day writing experiment as part of #Ship30for30

1. I made writing a priority!

When first starting out online, I was shocked by the writing I’d get to do.

It took me over 2 years to finally accept it as part of my end goal. It wasn’t a lack of writing impacting my growth.

Inconsistency was the problem.

So I focused on Following through and getting it done!

2. I wrote a total of 30 Atomic Essays or Threads

It’s been over 21 years that I’ve written that much every single day.

It was not easy for me, but I made it my one goal.

• Follow through to write became my priority.

• Follow through to publish was even more important.

As a generator, the work was easy. But writing is still a work in progress.

3. I engaged with people for 30 days straight.

How do you overcome being an ambivert?

A few things that helped me:

  • I met one new person every other day.
  • I engaged with people from the #Ship30 Twitter List.
  • I engaged with people I met in the break-out sessions.

• I sent DMs

• I joined my first Twitter Space.

4. It’s one of the few online courses I have finished.

I’ve invested in several courses over the past 2.5 years.

Yet, most of them sit unfinished. As a teacher, this drives me crazy.

Then, I came across Dicke Bush and Nicolas Cole right before discovering I had a giant brain tumor that needed to be removed ASAP.

After surgery, I had one thing to work on, REST. But, I decided this was the time for me to work on my biggest problem which was writing. What Dickie and Cole taught me is niching isn’t what matters. Experimenting is.

As soon as I started following through on the experiment, everything changed.

5. Publishing + Engaging is the key to growth.

Organic growth is slow, and then all of a sudden you notice it.

In the beginning, I didn’t believe that I could grow my following in 30 days.

But after publishing for 30 days, I grew my following of like-minded, driven, passionate and kind people from 148 followers to 315.

Amazing what hitting publish to content can do! BUT, publishing alone didn’t work. I grew most on the days I spend 1–2 hours engaging with other people’s content.

I didn’t have the bandwidth to spend that many hours daily, so I’m sure others have grown more.

But I celebrate each and every single new Twitter friend.

These past 30 days have been an amazing journey, but a journey that’s beginning to take off now. I’ve pushed myself like never before to conquer something I’ve disliked throughout life.

Thanks again to you for taking the time to read. And in the famous words of Dr. Seuss:

In golf as in life, it is the follow through that makes a difference.

Esther is a teacher, podcaster, digital product creator, and die-hard fan of the Washington State Cougars, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Lakers, & Osasuna. She splits her time between the beach city of Hendaye, France, and the farm in Moses Lake, WA. You’ll catch her using 4 languages daily & she’s also a proud tía (aunt).

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