Gratitude Practice for Difficult Times

How A Gratitude Practice Can Help You Overcome Difficult Situations In Life

My Brain Tumor Journey

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Over the past 4 months, I:

  • lost my vision
  • was diagnosed with a giant brain tumor
  • had the tumor removed
  • experienced my first surgery all alone
  • developed diabetes insipidus
  • wondered what’s next
  • shipped 30 Atomic essays in 30 days
  • connected with people all around the world
  • meditated often
  • wrote in my gratitude journal
  • said thank you to my family
  • and sent mental thank-yous to everyone who prayed & send positive vibes my way.

Rough way to start the year, but not once did I have a negative attitude or wonder why me.

Instead, I was grateful that it was me and not someone else in my family. I’ve worked on my mental toughness for years and it was tested and I survived. Today, I say thanks for being introduced to gratitude.

Because long ago I had read about the mental benefits of gratitude.

How does practicing gratitude daily help?

Having a gratitude practice helps your overall mental health because you instantly have a better outlook on life. Don’t be surprised to walk away from your latest gratitude meditation with a big smile on your face.

But the benefits don’t stop at increased happiness. Feeling more gratitude has been linked to a better self-image, less anxiety, and even a reduction of depression.

Also, research shows increased levels of dopamine and serotonin after intentional gratitude meditations.

It’s an intentional gratitude practice that has helped me with having a positive outlook in these past months.

Do you practice gratitude? If not, it’s a practice along with meditation or prayer that you should add to your day.

Want to know more about my simple practice, send me a DM.

Always here rooting for you as well!

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Esther Ciganda

Esther Ciganda


If I can do it, so can you | Midlife, Multilingual + Multipassionate Teacher turned Edupreneur at 45 | Daughter of Basque Immigrants & Farmers, 🧠tumor survivor