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How to Start Creating Online Today

Esther Ciganda
2 min readMar 14, 2022

For Newbie Solopreneurs

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I left teaching in Moses Lake at 32 to go teach in Boise, Idaho.

I left Boise to go teach in San Sebastián, Spain when I was 40.

Since then, I’ve…

• Won the World Language Teacher of the Year in Idaho

• I’ve played Basque Pelota internationally.

• I’ve been the Basque Pelota Team Leader for #TeamUSA at 2 Pan American Games

• I’ve started my own business and launched 2 podcasts

And if I had to do it all over again, here are 5 things I’d do differently.

Thing #1: Don’t be a lone wolf.

I thought being a lone wolf was a good idea. It wasn’t.

It led to fear of starting my own business, not asking for help, and missing out on collaborations. Instead, I would find like-minded people either online or in-person to help move you forward

Thing #2: Being independent & strong instead of working with others.

I really believed working alone was going to propel me faster into the online business world. It sure didn’t. Instead, I’d collaborate. Because I learned much later that collaborations…

• help grow your visibility

• bring more awareness to what you’re doing

• are more authentic than posting on Instagram.

Thing #3: Start writing, first.

One of my biggest mistakes was not writing consistently. If I had to do it all over again, I’d find a writing community like #Ship30for30 first. Because writing is what unlocks:

• your thoughts

• your values

• your creativity

Thing #4: Don’t do Social Media.

When I started, I heard to start posting on social media. Boy, were they wrong.

Not only was being on social media a huge waste of time, but it caused my dislike for writing to grow.

I would’ve developed the skill of Digital Writing faster if I’d avoided social media and started writing for myself first.

Thing #5: Always remember visibility is not negative!

It’s taken me years to realize visibility is what matters most! I’ve always been modest and private, but to get noticed online you have to be seen.

Don’t create for the sake of creating. Create because it matters to you!

Don’t listen to someone say why’d you write that.

Just focus on being you ALWAYS and the rest takes care of itself.

To wrap this up in teacher talk or in digital write TL;DR (too long; didn’t read): 5 things I’d do differently to start creating online, faster.

• Not be a lone wolf.

• Work in collaboration with others.

• Start writing, first.

• Not rely on social media

• Build visibility from Day 1.

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